Flock Flock
flock is standardly supplied in a wide range of colours, lengths and fibre thicknesses
Healthcare Healthcare
Swabs intended for swabbing mucous membranes
Automotive - glove boxes Automotive - glove boxes
flocked glove boxes dampen noises and vibrations of items inside
Copying machines Copying machines
a flock layer protects the operator against the high temperature of any components which become hot
Cosmetic products Cosmetic products
flocked applicators apply lip gels evenly
Paint and varnish rollers Paint and varnish rollers
flock T-shape fibres will ensure the perfect paint and varnish application
Clothes hangers Clothes hangers
anti-slipping flock properties are used here
Various plastic parts Various plastic parts
flocked speaker cover doesn’t transfer vibration at laud listening of music
Painting materials Painting materials
longer fibres allow for home decoration without drops and dirtying
Jewellery boxes Jewellery boxes
an exclusive design with a velvety surface
Boot - tree Boot - tree
the specially prepared flock reduces odours and of course keeps the shape of the shoe
Toys Toys
soft flocked surfaces, children will like, comply with all hygiene standards
Decorative subjects Decorative subjects
matt appearance of flock on shiny surfaces made uncommon design
Upholstery materials and textiles Upholstery materials and textiles
a plastic, velvety 3D flocked surface
Fashion textiles Fashion textiles
plastic words and ornaments are resistant to washing and cleaning
Promotional materials Promotional materials
multi-coloured flocked pictures and logos for advertising purposes