High Quality RequirementsHigh Quality Requirements

Today most customers demand delivery of only first-rate goods. Flocked components have to meet the high quality and durability requirements of reputable AUDI, VW, BMW, FORD and other brands especially in the automotive area. Poor quality or unsuitable flock can considerably increase the costs of the entire manufacturing process, which will increase the percentage of wastage and the rate of waste as a final result – it can even mean loss of the contract.

One Control Is Not SufficientOne Control Is Not Sufficient

In practice, a wholesaler mostly relies on the control systems of manufacturers. However, our longstanding experience has found faults with this model. Usually only some lots are inspected at random. Moreover, especially in the case of flock and adhesives, physical changes occur over the course of time. Sometimes a manufacturer dispatches material with boundary values or its control system fails completely. That’s why we implemented our own control mechanisms.

Quality Management SystemQuality Management System

In 2003, our company implemented a Quality Management System which was in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. In the following two years, the methodology for our own laboratory, where all physical properties of flock are controlled at the process start and end, was established. Measured values are compared with the output parameters of the manufacturer. The entire process is called ML-CS (Multilevel Control System).

Only the Top Quality for a CustomerTop Quality for a Customer

Implementing our own control systems has resulted in seeing a decrease to the number of recorded non-conformances from the average level of 3 % to below the limit of 0.5 % (of the total number of business transactions) permanently. Defective goods are stopped by our control system before putting them into the flocking process and practically never reach our customers. But our work does not end with this. We discuss any defect with the production department, look together for causes and consistently insist on corrective measures.

Transport and Storage under ControlTransport and Storage Control

Most transportation is provided by our own transport or contractual carriers. Goods from production go directly to our stocks and then directly to the customer from there. All of this without losing time, reloading and waiting. Each particular customer is usually supplied by the same driver using the same car. This is of particular importance especially during the winter months because both flock and adhesives can be damaged by the longer action of frost. We permanently keep the optimum temperature and humidity in our warehouses.

And Something Extra…And Something Extra…

Each of our customers has his own specific needs and priorities; that is why we approach each contract on an individual basis. We are able to prepare flock or adhesives suited to your technology and the conditions in which you work. For example, a customer in Vladivostok needs a different flock humidity value than a customer in Lisbon. A customer working with a pneumatic flocking system will opt for a different kind of preparation than a customer flocking in a classical chamber device…